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  • Circuit Breaker Tester: Clamping Ammeter Circuit breakers that trip every time they’re reset may be overloaded. In order to diagnose a circuit breaker overload you can test the circuit breaker by using a clamping ammeter. You can use this circuit breaker tester to check overloads and shorts that are in progress. They determine whether the [Keep Reading…]

  • How to Replace a Circuit Breaker Typically circuit breakers will not need to be replaced. Unlike a fuse, a circuit breaker is designed to reset. On occasion a circuit breaker may break or malfunction resulting in the need replace it with a new breaker. Most residential homes have a main circuit breaker and separate branch [Keep Reading…]

  • Let’s talk about the most common circuit breaker problems people have Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting: Miswiring Circuit Breaker: Electrical Load How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker Tripped Circuit Breaker: Circuit Overload Tripped Circuit Breaker: Short Circuit Why Does the Circuit Breaker Trip While Operating Certain Appliances Why is My Circuit Breaker Box Humming Circuit Breaker [Keep Reading…]

  • Replacing an existing circuit breaker? Simply look at the label. Typically, the part number is displayed on the primary label of the breaker, usually by the manufacturer logo. Look for one of the following markings: Part Number or P/N Catalog Number or Cat # Mfr Part Number or MPN In most cases other markings like [Keep Reading…]

  • What is mounting hardware? In order to mount molded case circuit breakers into most panelboards a hardware kit, sometimes known as a “link kit” or “finger kit”, is required. The hardware kit makes the electrical connection between the circuit breaker and the vertical bus. Most hardware kits include everything that is needed to mount the [Keep Reading…]

  • “Square D tandem breaker won’t fit” Sound familiar? What is it about tandem / twin breakers that confuse so many of us? Maybe if they gave these bad boys a more specific part number then it wouldn’t be so bad, right? The thing is, although many Square D QO tandems have the same part number, [Keep Reading…]

  • We are overstocked on dry-type transformers We need to clear out space immediately so we are running a transformers clearance sale! For a limited time, we are offering refurbished 112.5 kVA, 150 kVA, 112.5 kVA, 225 kVA, and 300 kVA – 480-208Y/120 dry-type transformers at liquidation prices. Check out the list below for pricing. Configuration [Keep Reading…]

  • Reading Time: 3 minutes Hey there Contractors and fellow Service Professionals! Today we are covering the last item of the PLC series, the Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C Series B PLC. This is a 10.4 inch display module with touchscreen and 18-bit color graphics. Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C Standard Processor Module This standard display module is a replacement [Keep Reading…]

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes Hey there Contractors and fellow Service Professionals! Today we are covering the Allen Bradley 1785-L80B Series E PLC. This is a PLC 5/80 Controller with 100K words SRAM user memory. Allen Bradley 1785-L80B Standard Processor Module   This programmable controller is another central part of each control system based on the [Keep Reading…]

  • Reading Time: 2 minutes Hey there Contractors and fellow Service Professionals! Today we are covering the Allen Bradley 1785-L40E Series E PLC. This is an EtherNet/IP Controller with 48K words SRAM user memory.   Allen Bradley 1785-L40E EtherNet Controller   The Ethernet controller embedded TCP/IP communication capabilities allow to communicate with other Ethernet PLC 5 [Keep Reading…]

We are overstocked on dry-type transformers and we need to clear out space immediately. Lucky for you, we are running a clearance sale on these items for a limited time. Come check them out!

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We are now rolling out PLC products. Curious to see what they are? Click on the "read more" button to read the first article of the series. Get some ideas for your set up and project!

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Check out our product catalogs for circuit breakers, busways, motor controls, switches, transformers, and fuses.

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Custom Design

Relectric Supply offers a number of custom electrical solutions. If you can't find a piece of gear to fit your application, our experienced engineers can spec out a low/medium voltage gear for almost any budget. Our engineers can design switchboards, switchgear, motor control centers, transformers, and many other electrical apparatus. We will work for you on any project, with any lead time.

Demolition / Take Out Services

We pay CASH for your electrical equipment! Do you have equipment that needs to be removed or demolished? Relectric Supply can provide or coordinate removal and/or pick up of your surplus material. Because one of our primary goals is to salvage and recycle usable electrical systems, we will be glad to consider your materials. We also purchase materials that have already been removed. Read about our purchasing process here.


Relectric Supply offers full reconditioning for most low and medium voltage electrical distribution and control products. We can repair or replace parts from most major manufacturers - new and obsolete. Our reliable engineers will assess, repair, and certify the condition of your equipment and provide a full 1 year warranty on systems we repair or replace.

Rental Equipment

We want to keep your power on. If your supplier has put an item on backorder with an unacceptable lead time, don't worry. We may be able to offer you rental equipment to get your system operational immediately. Our rental equipment is pulled from our normal inventory, so you can rest assured that any product you rent will adhere to the same quality standards as the items we sell, backed by our full 1 year warranty.

Emergency Replacement

If you need a part fast, you've come to the right place. If your company has an emergency outage or if you have a situation that requires immediate assistance, we offer priority order handling services including SAME DAY delivery. That means that if you have a power failure or damaged equipment, we start working to provide you a solution the moment you contact us. If we don't have an item in stock, we'll find it for you. Our advanced vendor data management system allows us to track down the most rare components in just minutes. Any part, anytime.


Relectric Supply can retrofit, retrofill, and replace most products that we offer. Whether that means replacing or adapting an obsolete circuit breaker, or removing an old technology and replacing it with the latest in digital technology, we can meet your needs - on your terms. We can rebuild and customize switchgear, rewind transformers, digitally retrofit air and insulated case circuit breakers, or add optional accessories or components and functionality to your circuit breakers - at a fraction of the cost for new equipment. And we can service any vintage of any manufacturer of equipment.

Equipment Testing

At Relectric Supply, we utilize the industry's newest technology to accurately test and generate test reports for all of our products. While every item in our stock undergoes a full functionality test before it ships, we also offer additional testing services. If you have electrical equipment that you need tested for functionality, our skilled technicians can provide you with accurate results and a quick turn-around time. We can provide test reports that detail full conformance to original factory specifications, and where possible, we will provide a comparison of injection test results to factory guidelines.

Please contact our Sales Team for inquiries.